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Be yourself, authentic and glorious…

Be yourself, authentic and glorious… as ASAYEL. Genuine like the history of the east; like love stories of “One-Thousand-and One Nights”, as enchanting as “ Aladdin and his Magic Lamp.” Be yourself as golden glows of sunshine, with ASAYEL. ASAYEL’s context is woven with authenticity and is exclusively yours. You are the special person who stands alone.


ASAYEL’s beauty is because of you. We have learned the colorful design of ASAYEL Abaa and Shaal from you. If we have crafted a piece of diamond; if we have made use of Swarovski jewelry; if we have handpicked the best fabric and highest quality; it is solely for sake of you. If we have been able to craft ASAYEL with jewelry, crystals, and bright colors of the fashion designers; if we are recognized as the best Abaa in the Gulf market; due to combining tradition with modernity; if, along with گلدوزی با دست , we have created the new collection of chador and scarfs, That is all for your sake. Your smile of satisfaction will keep us alive. And reinforces us for more endeavor; as we have been so, since 2014, the year ASAYEL was established.

Why Asayel

ASAYEL is indeed the other name of the eastern culture. ASAYEL understands that designing, modelling, and regenerating the eastern culture is very difficult; thus it has always used the best of all. 10000 micro woven fabrics, along with the use of polish and leather by ASAYEL, variety of embossed prints, rubber, foam, silver print, قلم زنی و سوراخ کاری, on the fabrics are all for sake of you. You are the one who is authentic and glorious… as ASAYEL.
Asayel Fashion
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